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Careers Education

Career Development Programme

We want to improve the personal, social, educational and economic outcomes for our young people at Collingwood School and Media Arts College. By using the Gatsby Career Benchmarks as a baseline we hope to achieve a school environment which can:

nurture aspirations and expand horizons for our pupils

build on self-esteem and skills

get young people employment-confident and employment-ready

Staff are trained to deliver the careers programme at every level to embed knowledge into our school using a set of specific career resources.

We do this through:

Classroom-based Career Coaching Sessions.

Working Experience.

Enterprise activities from early years.

Links with an impartial career advisor.

Visits to careers event (at least 2 per year)

Regular meetings with families.

Visits to real working environments.

We have links with the North East Local Enterprise Partnerships to encourage business link partners to visit our school to share their experiences with our students.

Assemblies regarding Jobs People Do.

Every student is encouraged to access one to one sessions to discuss their individual career pathway.

Links with Foundation Futures.

Person-centred planning offered to every student who is moving on.

All this helps young people in our school to increase the possibility and probability of getting volunteer/paid employment after they leave education.


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