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Comenius Project

Comenius Project 2013-2015

Our latest Comenius Project started in 2013 and involved staff and students travelling to various European countries to learn about their education.

The counties involved with the project were, England, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and Denmark.

The first meeting was held here in England. The staff and students from the other counties stayed in a local hotel and enjoyed visiting local areas of interest throughout the week.

Our visitors also enjoyed a tour of our school and a ‘Northumberland Evening’, where we ate local foods and listened to local music. We had two live music events in school that evening, we had ‘The Sawdust Jacks’ who are a local folk group who write and play songs about North East history. We also had some Northumbrian pipers who gave a great demonstration of how the pipes work and showed us some traditional Northumbrian dances.

Click here for a link to the Sawdust Jacks YouTube Channel.

Click here for a link to the Northumbrian Pipers Society homepage.

Here are some photographs of the Comenius events…


Our Northumberland Evening with the Sawdust Jacks playing their local folk music.


Dancing to the Northumbrian Pipes


Having a tour of Alnwick Gardens

Our second meeting was held in Spain. Miss Leslie, Mr Alpinand Mrs Pinkney along with Tony, Jack, Laura and Megan spent a week in the city of Denia. We looked around the city, had a tour of the host school and enjoyed some of the local food.


Leaving from Newcastle airport


A meeting with the Mayor


Spending time in the Spanish school

Our third meeting was held in Germany. Mrs Stephenson, Mr Burgess and Mrs Haliwell, along with Catherine, Kelly, Daniel and Carl spent a week in Freiburg. The German staff and students had planned lots of adventurous activities in and around their school. See photographs below…


Waiting to catch the flight!


Spending time with students of different nationalities


Team building activities!

Our third meeting was in Czech Republic. Miss Leslie, Mr Jones and Mrs Sherman went to Prerov along with Abigail, Amy, Henry and Jack. We took part in all sorts of activities, had a day in their school, visited a local park, tried lots of local foods and most importantly made friends with lots of new people.


At Stansted airport waiting for the shuttle bus!


At the Czech version of Beamish!

Our fourth meeting was in Finland and it was fantastic. We spent time singing, dancing, talking about our hobbies and trying new foods. We presented our healthy diaries to the other countries, our students were very brave and stood up at the front of a room full of people to talk about their diaries! We painted, played table tennis and enjoyed some lovely walks in the snow.

On our way home our flight out of Amsterdam was cancelled after a power cut in the city. We had an over night stay in Amsterdam before heading home – this was an unexpected treat!

The group presenting their diaries.

Our finished paintings after the painting class.

The whole team outside the train station.

A walk in the snow!

Our last meeting was in Denmark. We had a wonderful time visiting new places, trying new things and putting together our ‘Book of Health’. We visited two fantastic aquariums, we did some sea fishing, had a canal tour and finally said farewell to the other members of this amazing Comenius team.

A selection of photos showing how much fun we have had on our visit.

This Comenius project has been such an brilliant experience for everyone involved, we look forward to doing it all again sometime soon.