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International Award winners 2017

The raising of international and global awareness has always been a strong focus at our school.

We recognise as essential the need to foster within our school a positive sense of international and global awareness, a celebration of cultural diversity and an awareness of the need to encourage within our pupil’s tolerance and understanding, courtesy and confidence when in the company of people from other cultural backgrounds.

We aim to develop an understanding of how people from different cultures think’ feel’, create, behave and live and to help our pupils recognise similarities and differences between and within cultures.

So we will:

Celebrate our own regional identity through an exploration of our own cultural heritage through story, dance and song

Compare and contrast our culture with that of people from other countries

Encourage pupils to question analyse, evaluate and reflect on their responses of themselves and others within a range of cultural contexts and aesthetic experiences

Explore a range of sources and different interpretations of what constitutes culture and cultural differences

Celebrate our national identity through cross-curricular work related to Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Information Technology and the Arts

Celebrate the diversity of other cultures through cross curricular work and PSHE

We aim to develop means of communication with children and adults from different cultures

So we will:

Promote any opportunity to welcome visitors from overseas to the school

Use our Internet facilities to extend our communication range e.g. email

Increase our language skills by exchanging work with pupils from other countries and cultures

We aim to enrich the lives of our pupils and colleagues through providing opportunities that increase the confidence and the communication skills of all.

So we will:

Widen our education and business opportunities through greater involvement in international and global projects

Provide staff with opportunities to visit partner schools abroad.

Provide pupils with opportunities to visit other countries

Embed the development of cultural awareness across the curriculum

Hold an Annual International Theme Day to celebrate international cultural diversity