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Committees and Terms of Reference

Quality of Education Committee

Keith Faulkner Chair

Gillian Linkleter

Sharon Leonard

Leanne Lonsdale

Maddy Wardingham

Angela Davies

Helen Sutherland

The Committee shall consist of between three and five Governors.

The Committee shall have such associate members as the Governing Body determine at the date of appointment. Associate members may be granted voting rights at the discretion of the Governing Body.


The quorum must be three Governors.


To be appointed by the Committee


A member of the Administrative Team will act as Clerk


As required with a minimum of one meeting per term


-To annually review the Curriculum Policy for approval by the Governing Body.

-To review annually the School Improvement Plan and to advise the Governing Body on priorities for the key areas of the curriculum.

-To analyse data relating to the school’s performance and to agree targets for pupil achievement.

-To monitor and evaluate pupil progress, in all subjects and to review regularly subject policies.

-To make recommendations to the governing body on the arrangements for collective worship and the provision of religious education.

-To make recommendations to the governing body on the policy for the provision of sex education and the delivery of PSHE in school.

-To advise the governing body on arrangements required for all pupils with special educational needs as Collingwood is a special school.

-To consider complaints relating to the curriculum and to advise the governing body.

Finance & Resources Committee

Keith Faulkner Chair

Gillian Linkleter

Clare Tait

Julie Brown

Leanne Lonsdale


The Committee shall consist of between three and five Governors. The Committee will have associate members as the Committee determines. Associate members will have no voting rights.


The Quorum must be three governors.


The Finance committee will appoint the chair on an annual basis.


The Finance committee will appoint the clerk on an annual basis.


Meetings are convened as required with a minimum of one meeting per term.


-To set the annual budget for the school.

-To ensure appropriate advice is sought before entering into contracts, in line with the LA’s financial regulations.

-To authorise the virement of funds between budgets and inform the LA

-To approve arrangements for the audit of funds received other than from the LA

-To advise the governing body on any matters arising from the audit of the school’s accounts.

-Generally, to monitor the budget and to advise the governing body as necessary on financial matters.

-To agree with the Headteacher, expenditure on capital projects not falling within the planned budget.

-To authorise signatories for the school bank account.

-To determine the levels of charges for lettings.

-To make recommendations annually to the governing body on a three year financial strategy, having particular regard to the School Improvement Plan.

-To advise the governing body on any issues arising from financial matters.

-To review and approve financial procedures as defined within the school’s financial handbook on an annual basis.

-To ensure we meet and maintain the SFVS standard.

-To make recommendations to the Governing Body on capital works and improvements to be funded from the Formulae Capital budget and the Schools delegated budget

-To be responsible for the management of the Formulae Capital Budget and the schools delegated budget

-To prepare an annual programme of repairs, maintenance and decoration.

-To carry out an annual review of policy for health and safety and welfare, including monitoring of safe working practices.

-To agree a lettings and charges policy for the use of school premises;

-To be responsible for the security of the school premises, fire safety measures including alarm systems and fire drills.

-To oversee arrangements for grounds maintenance and the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 concerning litter and refuse.