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Collingwood School & Media Arts College has successfully received its International School Award Reaccreditation for 2017-2020

We have been recognised for our work across the International Dimension since 2005.

Congratulations to all of our students, staff and international co-coordinators Mrs. Stephenson and Mrs. Alpin.

Here are just some of the assessor’s comments

We are delighted to inform you that it has been approved by our assessors. Congratulations!

“This is a good application from Collingwood School & Media Arts College and meets the criteria for International School Award Reaccreditation. The assessor was particularly impressed by the way in which this large special school has embedded education into so many areas of its curriculum, and the obvious commitment of staff to deliver this across the academic year, and over the years.”

 “Students experienced a wide variety of learning, opportunities including sampling food, talking to students studying in India via Skype, having a mock wedding celebration from Kazakhstan and Greek dancing.”

“Overall Collingwood School & Media Arts College has a very good handle on this. Bravo! “

Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as an International Co-ordinators! You are a credit to the school and the wider community.”