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Ofsted Report/DFE Area

“It is particularly commendable how quickly staff gauge the needs of pupils whenever they join the school as new pupils”

“Consequently, high quality learning and behaviour ensues from the start. This is because staff have high expectations, are consistent in their team approach, use interesting resources and are persistent in their extensive strategies to enable excellent learning and behaviour to take place.

The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.

Pupils are polite, considerate and understanding of each other. They are courteous and polite to visitors and respectful to staff.

Staff have a range of strategies they employ to maintain such excellent behaviour. They display discrete and almost invisible actions of support, for example, guiding certain pupils away from another, engaging specific pupils in focused conversation to secure learning or changing the direction of their learning to make sure it is absolutely appropriate to help them to succeed”

Collingwood School & Media Arts College OFSTED January 2020

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