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Moving on from Collingwood

Moving on from Collingwood School and Media Arts College

We realise that change can be unsettling and worrying for individuals. If not handled in a supportive and well-managed way, pupils’ progress and attitude to learning can be adversely affected. We aim to promote continuity of experience for all our pupils to try and limit any anxiety or worry they may have.

We invest a lot of time into helping students prepare to transition on from school. This is carried out through a mixture of events, college visits and work with external training providers.


Each year we access various events that are aimed at introducing students to the opportunities beyond school. These events are attended by most local training providers who show and discuss with students the types of courses and future pathways that they offer.

College Links

The links with the local colleges enable our students to develop a firmer idea about the courses and opportunities that are available to them. It gives them a chance to become more familiar with the settings and the work practices of studying in that institution. This is done through a mixture of visits, taster days and sessions delivered within school. We also encourage parents from key stage 4 onwards to visit the colleges and training providers to gain an insight into the local provision.

The colleges we have links with include:

Northumberland College (including Kirkley Hall)

Newcastle College

Gateshead College

Tyne Metropolitan College

Dilston College

Hedleys College

External Training Providers

We have developed links with a number of external training providers.

These include:

Buzz Learning




GetUStarted Training