Senior Leadership Team

Gillian Linkleter

Head Teacher

Susan Major

Deputy Headteacher & DSL and LAC / Pastoral

Laura Askew

Director of SEND and Careers Lead

Bill Crawford

Assistant Headteacher – Raising Standards – Curriculum and Sixth Form

Amanda Straker

School Business Leader

Ryan Elliott

Assistant Headteacher Behaviour, Attendance and Attitudes (Pastoral)

Senior Management Team

Mark Dunphy

Director of Creative Arts and Media

Jo Chalder-Wood

Senior Mental Health Lead

Middle Management Team

Ben Alpin

Woodlands Centre Manager

Laura Nocon

Assistant SENDCo

Dawn Tweddell

Sixth Form Phase Lead

Kristen McCarthy

KS4 Phase Lead / 11P tutor / Science

Claire Alpin

KS3 Phase Lead / 8B tutor / ICT Computing

Katie Watson

Primary Phase Lead / Zebra tutor

Alison Walker

English Coordinator / 10P tutor

Julia Lee

Maths Coordinator / 11B tutor

Frances Holland

Reading for Pleasure Lead / 11G tutor / English


Beth Collett


Millie Moloney

Woodlands Primary Owls / Collingwood Connect

Luke Terry

Elephants/Primary and Science

Cyril Ekuma


Debbie Dixon

Woodlands 7GW / Collingwood Connect

Jenny Blake/Donna Gibson (Maternity Cover)

7P/Art and Design

Alex Scorror

8G/General Teacher

Arthur Thompson

Woodlands 8GW tutor / Collingwood Connect

Jenny Davison

8P/ PE / Educational Visits Lead

Liz Thompson

9B/General Teacher

Alison Porteous

9G/ D&T

Scott Anderson

9P/ General Teacher

Clare McStea

10B / Music & Drama 

Mark Watson

10G tutor / Humanities / PSHE and Careers

Maddy Connolly

Collingwood Connect / Humanities

Jill Halliwell

Collingwood Connect

Rupert Wareing

General Teacher

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Jade Grandini


Lauren McAleer


Fiona Sherman

Pastoral Manager

Aimee Nichol

Therapy Lead

Gavin Davison

Outdoor Learning

Morgan Stephenson

Woodlands Cooking

Samantha Tyson


Betty Hogg


Lesley Scott

Medicines and First Aid

Lois Gilmartin

Personal Education Centre – Stepping Stones

Michelle Middleton

Personalised Education Centre

Helen Storey

Collingwood Connect

Teaching Assistants

Toni Clarke - Primary Giraffes

Sasha Hood - Primary Zebras

Aileen Coates - Primary Elephants

Georgia Alderdice - 7G

Jane Stoddart - 7G

Ashleigh Thomas - 7P

Jacey Blake - 8B

Steph Lawson - 8B

Debbie Hankin - 8G

Laura Blake - 8G

Emily Clark - 8B

Shanon Elsdon - 8P

Chloe Chisholm - 9P

Kelly Brown - 9P

Robyn Scott - 9G

Mollie Conroy - 10G

Amanda Martin - 10G

Adam Douglass - 10G

Natalie Adkins - 10P

Leanne Savage - 11B

Chene Alderdice - 11P

Alex Allen - 11G

Kelly Triplow - 11G

Fiona Smith - PEC

Joanne Murray - PEC

Tracy Harrison - Librarian

Victoria Embleton - Stepping Stones

Kevin Storey - Stepping Stones

Sue Wilkinson - Wellbeing Centre

Stephen Nesbitt - Woodlands

TA Apprentices

Shona Dodds - Primary Giraffes

Faith Price - 9G

Administration Staff

Vicki Routledge (Office Manager/Data and Exams)

Bridget Halpin (HR Officer)

Sue Armstrong (Pupil Support Officer)

Brooke Toole (PA to Headteacher)

Shay Whitfield (IT Support)

Ingrid McLaughlin (Receptionist)

Sophie Wright (Admin Apprentice)

Sixth Form Staff

Bill Crawford

Sixth Form Phase Lead

Dawn Tweddell

Sixth Form Phase Lead
 – English
 – BTEC Work Skills
 – ASDAN Life Skills

Emma Blackburn

 – Maths
 – NCFE Occupational Studies

Scott Anderson

 – Photography (Wednesday)

Maddy Connolly

 – Humanities (Wednesday)

Lisa Richardson

 – Art

Nicola Ferry

Teaching Assistant

Daniel McCombe

Teaching Assistant

Media Team

Brian Cosgrove

Media Development Lead

Brandon Gee


Elizabeth Shaw


Ethan Curry


Site Staff

Stephen Nesbitt

Site Manager

Sharron Chapman


Ann Hood


Diane Mullarkey

Lunchtime Supervisor

Gary Layfield

Minibus Driver



School Dog


School Therapy Dog

Snug and Bertie

School Rabbits

Ying and Yang

School Fish


Adopted Penguin


Adopted Orangutan

Jill Halliwell