Covid 19 - Mass Testing

Collingwood School and Media Arts College are taking part in the rapid asymptomatic testing programme. This has been rolled out by the Government to help identify asymptomatic positive cases for young people in year 7 and above. The testing process is outlined in the document link at the bottom of this page.

Testing is voluntary for students and pupils, but we strongly encourage those who are eligible to take part to help reduce the risks of transmission. Testing, along with the other measures we already have in place, will help ensure pupils and students eligible to attend school and college have the best chance of as much face-to-face education as possible.

Anyone who displays symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can and should get a test. Tests can be booked online through the NHS website or ordered by telephone via NHS 119.

If your child tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) in school during this testing programme, it is your responsibility to arrange for them to be collected as quickly as possible. In exception circumstances, if you are unable to arrange to have your child collected we may help you to source suitable transport. They will not be able to travel home using public or school transport.