Our Art lessons stimulate creativity and imagination using traditional to cutting edge techniques.


Media forms a big part of our lives and is equally as important within our school.


Maths is all around us, it is in everything we do, so is a major part of our school curriculum.


More than the study of literature and grammar, we cultivate a love of reading and the written form.



We aim to develop and achieve personal goals for future learning, work and community involvement.

Performing Arts

Drama develops public speaking and expression through performances and improvisations.

Design Technology

Design technology gives students the skills to engage with the world and harness technology.


We empower our young people with a voice and equip them for life and learning.


Our pupils gain an understanding of human culture by learning about literature, philosophy, and history.

Religious Education

We explore different beliefs and mindsets of people and cultures around the world.

ICT and Computing

Students engage in the practical side of informatics and technology through ICT.

Key Stage 4 Options

From horticulture to animal care, our options provide a more enriched curriculum for our students.


We inspire our pupils to develop a love of music; one of the highest forms of creativity.

Physical Education

We give our pupils the knowledge, motivation and ability to participate in physical activity.


We want our pupils to experience a broad, balanced curriculum. Through Enrichment we go a step further.


We believe science is exciting, useful and never finished. We aim to make all our pupils feel that way too.

Phonics and Reading

Phonics develops our students' ability to thrive and become functionally literate individuals.