We want to improve the personal, social, educational and economic outcomes for our young people. By using the Gatsby Career Benchmarks as a baseline we hope to:

  • nurture aspirations and expand horizons for our pupils
  • build on self-esteem and skills
  • get young people employment-confident and employment-ready

Staff are trained to deliver the careers programme at every level to embed knowledge into our school using a set of specific career resources. We do this through:

  • Classroom-based Career Coaching Sessions.
  • Working Experience.
  • Enterprise activities from early years.
  • Links with an impartial career advisor.
  • Visits to careers event (at least 2 per year)
  • Regular meetings with families.
  • Visits to real working environments.
  • Visit to our school from our business link partners to share their experiences.
  • Assemblies regarding Jobs People Do.
  • one to one sessions to discuss individual career pathways.
  • Links with Foundation Futures.
  • Person-centred planning offered to every student who is moving on.

All this helps young people in our school to increase the possibility and probability of getting volunteer/paid employment after they leave education.

For more information about our careers programme contact Bill Crawford, Gillian Linkleter or Laura Askew

Careers Overview