Sixth Form Curriculum

Each Student follows a personalised curriculum, suited to their level of learning, which builds on their strengths and interests. The learning plans will be based upon targets set in their Education and Health Care Plans.

Students will have access to a range of accredited courses through WJEC, ASDAN, AQA, BTEC, NOCN, NCFE and more.

Students will be grouped according to the Collingwood pathways. At the core of each Pathway is Literacy and Numeracy, non qualification activities and therapeutic interventions but each pathway also incorporates an additional strand to enable students to progress to the next stage of their life journey.

Yellow Pathway
Life skills
Independent living skills
Employability and Enterprise
Social skills development

Green Pathway
Employability and Enterprise
Entry level qualifications
Social Skills development

Purple Pathway
Employability and Enterprise
Academic qualifications at Level 1, 2 or GCSE