Amazon Smile

You can set the Collingwood Foundation as your donation charity on Amazon Smile. Then when you shop at, Amazon will donate to the school.

Your School Lottery

Enter our school lottery for a chance to win money and to help support the school. Funds raised through this lottery scheme will go to benefit the students and pupils at the school. We want to be able to do more for the children; provide more opportunities for excursions, provide more space for learning and provide more creative arts for the children to celebrate their talents.


We are now connected to EasyFundraising.


Stamptastic is the fastest way to name your kids belongings. Step away from the ironing board and put that needle and thread away. Stamp instead with Stamptastic. Stamptastic’s magic ink withholds 50 washes on care labels without fading. Customise your Personalised Name Stamps online.

Use PTA order code: NE612HA when placing an order