Humanities is delivered following the National Curriculum and  we are passionate about the teaching and learning of Humanities across the school. Humanities covers the teaching of Geography, History and Religious Education.

At Collingwood we want our pupils to leave us with the knowledge and skills that they need to understand the world that they live in. It is this world that they will need to use and engage with. We want our pupils to learn to cherish and appreciate the diverse world around them, to make choices that sustain it and make a positive difference.

“People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure” – David Attenborough

Humanities subjects are about how people if different cultures and societies relate to each other and the world in which we live, or in which people have lived in the past, providing a means by which pupils can apply their understanding of it in personal, local, national and global contexts. At Collingwood we aim to develop the skills and understanding needed to equip young people to play an active, well-informed role in the community, and prepare them for further education in the world of work in a rich range of fields.

At Collingwood, our learning activities are chosen to engage, challenge and motivate our pupils. We match our teaching to the needs of our learners and activities are designed so that pupils of all abilities can maximise their learning. A range of teaching techniques are used to accommodate the individual difference in learning
styles, interest and aptitude. Activities are planned to ensure the most able pupils are stretched and that those who are struggling are fully supported.

The pupils are able to access ASDAN short courses in both History and Geography.

Humanities Curriculum Overview

Humanities Curriculum Topics