Media Studies at Collingwood is delivered in our bespoke media suite, with green screen, video production, editing equipment and music recording equipment. We have a range of quality, still and video, cameras available as well as media production software, and our pupils are able to use packages such as Photoshop and Premier.

Pupils learn various aspects of the Media industry including: Photography, print media, television and recording. Pupils learn the various planning processes such as mood boards, story boards and mind maps that are required to produce the end product.

Pupils in Year 10 also get the opportunity to work with industry professionals at the BBC as as part of their ‘Young Reporter’ programme. Pupils will learn the
various jobs required to produce a professional news bulletin.

Pupils will study will the WJEC Entry Pathways Media Studies accreditation.

“You can tell a story or make a point in media. It's a totally different way of communicating.”


Collingwood also has a highly skilled Media Suite staff as a resource, and on the curriculum side, a subject lead who has been Principal Moderator for the WJEC Entry Pathways Media course for some years. Collingwood School prides itself on producing Media work of the highest quality, which is used nationally as exemplar material for schools delivering the EP Media course.

Collingwood has used its media expertise in a range of projects with external agencies, including Alnwick Garden, SENRUG, Coca Cola Enterprises, VODA and the BBC, and continues to develop in this area.

We firmly believe that the teaching of media and its embedding in the wider curriculum prepares our pupils for life in a media- driven world, as well as improving life chances, as many of our ex pupils have gone on to gain higher level qualifications in Media Arts subjects.

Media Curriculum Overview

Media in Year 7

In Year 7, pupils focus on learning the basic skills in Media Studies. Throughout the year they will create mood boards in PowerPoint, leaflets and multi page documents in Publisher and recreate famous scenes using basic photographic methods.


Media in Year 8

In Year 8, pupils study the Superhero genre. They look at colour connotation, real-life heroes and villains, and the difference between them and superheroes. They create their own Top Trumps cards and build upon skills they have learnt to develop their very own superhero comic strip using Comic life.


Media in Year 9

In Year 9, pupils begin looking at Advertising. They learn how advertisers target different groups through images and language. Pupils will create their own chocolate bar and market it to their chosen audience using all the knowledge and skills they have developed.


Media in Year 10

At the beginning of Year 10, pupils begin the WJEC Entry Pathways course in Media Studies. This course emphasises the learning and development of practical skills, and is delivered over 2 years through 5 key coursework units: Designing a Music Website, Creating an Audio-Visual Sequence, Exploring Advertising, Exploring Film Genres and Creating a Print Media Product.


Media in Year 11

In Year 11, pupils continue to work on coursework units from the WJEC Entry Pathways course in Media Studies. They also have the opportunity to revisit certain units, but with different content and a higher level of challenge. Pupils also have the opportunity to work on practical projects, including photography, film, or animation.