Royal Academy of Arts

This year, 20 of our students at Collingwood School and Media Arts College entered the Young Artist Summer Show, a competition introduced through the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Pupils between the ages of 5-19 were encouraged to take part and show their creative flare.

We are proud to announce that Andrew in Key Stage 3 was chosen as one of the artists to have his work exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, and on their online exhibition during the summer holidays.

His work ‘The Wolf of Luck’ was created using paint. Andrew explained his work as:
‘Wolves are usually brown, grey or white. I have decided to make the wolf colourful as normally their colours are dull. Dull colours are unlucky and colourful is lucky’.

Taking inspiration from the annual Summer Exhibition, the Young Artists’ Summer Show is an opportunity for young artists aged 5 – 19 years to exhibit their work online and on-site at the Royal Academy.

The Royal Academy of arts received over 33,000 submissions from across the UK and beyond. The judges were overwhelmed by the talent on display and explained how difficult they found it to select the 572 artworks that were exhibited online and 260 pieces exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts gallery. Andrew was lucky enough to have his work in both.

As the Art Teacher at Collingwood School and Media Arts College, I was so proud that Andrew’s work had been selected and that his creativity and imagination has been recognised. We look forward to seeing what he creates next as he develops further.

J Blake