Relationships and Sex Education/PSHE

Relationships and Sex Education/PSHE is delivered though the Jigsaw learning approach. Relationships Education is compulsory in all primary schools in England and Relationships and Sex Education compulsory in all secondary schools, in addition to Health Education being compulsory in all state-funded schools.

Today’s children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world and living their lives seamlessly on and offline. This presents many positive and exciting opportunities, but also challenges and risks. In this environment, children and young people need to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way.

At Collingwood School we value PSHE as a way to support students’ development as human beings, to enable them to understand and respect who they are, to empower them with a voice and to equip them for life and learning.

We use Jigsaw to provide a programme which offers us a Scheme of Work which, we believe, brings consistency and progression to our students’ learning in this vital curriculum area. PSHE also supports SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) development opportunities provided for our young people.

Jigsaw supports our Primary department to put in place the key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships, focusing on family and friendships, in all contexts, including online. This sits alongside the essential understanding of how to be healthy.

In Key Stages 3 and 4, teaching will build on the knowledge acquired at primary and develop further pupils’ understanding of health, with an increased focus on risk areas such as drugs and alcohol, as well as introducing knowledge about intimate relationships and sex.