Summer School 2021

Pirate Adventure

This year at Collingwood’s Summer School we are going on a voyage!

From Monday 19th July to Friday 23rd of July and from Tuesday 31st August to Friday 3rd September you can come have lots of fun with your friends participating in the following activities:

  • Learn how to build your best pirate crew
  • Learn Pirates’ Sport and Art
  • Make music
  • Open an old treasure chest full of precious Curricula 
  • Learn how to code and decode messages and read maps 
  • Make bath bombs 
  • Outsmart scary monsters 
  • And much more

The fun starts at 10:00am and our day ends at 3:00pm and will not cost you a penny. A packed lunch will be provided, or you can bring your own.

At the end of summer you will entertain the royal court (King Neptune, your parents/carers, friends and other dignitaries) with a talent show of dancing, songs, plays, poetry or martial art. After the show, you will receive a piece of eight and a certificate to remember your time at sea.

Please note that Collingwood are unable to provide any transport to or from school to support the Summer School.