The Woodlands

Known affectionately as ‘The Woodlands’, the Collingwood School Outdoor Learning and Vocational Centre is situated at Hepscott Park, a 2-minute drive from Collingwood’s main site. The Woodlands occupies a woodland site next to an existing horticultural unit and has 6 classrooms, a gym, therapy rooms, an outdoor learning and vocational centre and a fantastic outdoor space.

The Woodlands caters for 40 pupils and provides a flexible model that can be adapted to the changing needs of pupils, with a diagnosis of ASD / SEMH as identified by the Local Authority. In addition, the centre also is the base for outdoor and vocational learning which is available for use by all Collingwood students. Older students at our main site can access the Woodlands through a work placement.

Pupils follow the National Curriculum, embedded therapies and the Collingwood Green Curriculum Pathway model with a focus on a semi-formal curriculum and an emphasis on outdoor learning, life skills and vocational opportunities. Pupils also have access to the facilities provided at Collingwood main site e.g. the swimming pool.

Therapeutic support is provided within the provision delivered by the team from Collingwood main site.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide an environment where our pupils are supported every step of the journey guiding, supporting, challenging but most importantly celebrating every achievement.

We aim to inspire every young person to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to fulfil their true potential. Developing self-esteem, building resilience and confidence are major goals for us in preparing our pupils for post 16 destinations and life outside of school.

All pupils at The Woodlands require an Education Health Care plan, which is central in designing a bespoke timetable of social and emotional development, mental health well-being and academic progression.

Our values of Humanity, Heroism and Victory are central in everyday life for all our pupils.