Catch Up Funding

Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy catch up

The Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium was a Government initiative that provided all schools with additional funding based on the number of pupils in Year 7 who hadn’t reached the expected standards in Key Stage 2 tests.

The number of eligible pupils was determined by the Autumn Term school census and the provisional results from the national curriculum assessments at Key Stage 2. In 2019-2020 there were 33 Year 7 pupils.

In 2016-17 and 2017-18 we were allocated £11,000; in 2018-19 we were allocated £8,500 and in 2019-20 we were allocated £16,000. The funding was discontinued in September 2020.

In 2019-20, we assessed the individual needs of each of the pupils who attracted the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium and used the funding to support literacy and numeracy. We may also have combined it with other resources, strategies and approaches that we knew were effective to maximise its impact.

Pupil progress data was used by teaching staff to evaluate progress and determine whether any intervention was appropriate to boost learning and support catch-up.

In 2019-20, we targeted the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium to support the following initiatives:

  • Staffing to support small group teaching activities
  • Specific, focused intervention
  • Targeted Speech and Language intervention and resources
  • Literacy and Numeracy resources
  • Training for staff to support the above

COVID catch up premium

We were awarded £35,280 of the Department of Education’s COVID catch up funding. Over the course of financial years 2020/21 and 2021/22 we are expecting to use this funding to:

  • Improve literacy levels by employing an HLTA to assist with literacy intervention.
  • Purchase no isolation robots
  • Improve our remote learning package
  • Support parent engagement
  • Purchase additional literacy resources 

We will assess the impact of the funding through our tracking systems for assessment and soft skills.